Website Developer

Welcome! My name is Wayne and I am a website developer from County Wexford in the Republic of Ireland. I can build and design anything from brochure websites for small businesses to large dynamic database-driven web applications. Boasting actual production experience and an honours degree in Multimedia Applications Development (BSc), I can offer a wide set of web development skills.

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  • PHP

    PHP Programming

    I have experience developing custom PHP web applications from scratch.

  • MySQL

    Database Design

    I can design and build normalized relational databases in MySQL.

  • XHTML and HTML5


    I can create (X)HTML websites and have them validate to W3C standards.

  • CSS


    I can create table-less floated layouts using CSS.

  • JavaScript and JQuery


    I have experience using JavaScript and JS libraries such as JQuery.

  • Search Engine Optimization


    I have a firm knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation.

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